Friday, December 7, 2018

Finger art

In week 8, Room 8  learnt about fingerprints. Everyone's fingerprints are different, twins and triplets do not have the  same fingerprints.

We made art with our fingerprints, it was very cool! Ms Bracey gave us small paper .
We drew Christmas pictures using our fingerprints.

I put my finger on the stamp pads  to is if I can see my fingerprint on the paper . In fact  the stamp pads can be dry like hard as a rock .

It was cool and fun to do . 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

MIni golf

On Saturday morning on the 13 of October, my family and I went to mini golf next to Butterfly creek. I had lots of fun challenging my family members.

Firstly, me and my family were placed into different groups. I didn’t get any points on hole number one . It was hard to hit the golf ball into the hole and it was challenging . In fact on hole 2 It felt hard to hit the ball in the hole because of the obstacles. One of my family members in my group got a hole in one!

Secondly, my family and I were still playing Mini Golf but it was lunch time. My group was still playing mini golf .My aunt came, she was looking for us because my group was still
playing .


Finally, our session at mini was fun and enjoy and my day at mini golf was fun something you would like to do again yes .

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Flag Football

Monday morning  Room 8 went to the hall and the whole class  listened to two Coaches. We learnt we were going to play Flag Football. There were cones set out, red and white . Each person had to stand behind a cone and we were taught how to throw the ball. Flag Football was fun.     

Friday, September 21, 2018

last Boxing

Last Week Monday Room 8 was at Boxing and pax was teaching Room 8 more silks to Box.
WALT learning how to box using the 3 commandments.


Firstly at boxing Pax told us to pot our boxing gloves on and she showed some more skills at boxing one of the silks is the Rock and Jab and Cross.
And when Pax showed us we had to copied the move like Pax .


Secondly pax had to tell us that if we talk we had to do 20 Burpee at boxing . And we did a another move the another move is the uppercut and I did the Left uppercut and the right uppercut at Boxing .


Infact at boxing we felt tired and sweaty and hot so we did a another move the boxing moves so I had to put my left leg the Front and my right leg at the back .


Lastly I was excited to do boxing because it was fun to do boxing with Pax .And thank you for teach us how to
Box on Monday . And when Pax was tell us the we had to learn the 3 commandment at Boxing .

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tuakana- Teina

On wednesday the 19 in Room 3 we were’ making earthquake house .

WALT learning how to make an earthquake house.

Firstly Room 8  the students were ’going  to Room 3 to have Tuakana-Teina day .

In Room 3  the teacher  was talking the students about the earthquake house .

The earthquake house was a design to be a poof earthquake house .And the students was doing the drawing for the earthquake house design.

Secondly in Room 3 The  students were’ on the room 3 Ipads to talk about the earthquake house on the Ipads and when the Ipads were’ away in the classroom .And when the drawing for the earthquake design.

In fact the students in Room 3 were’ at morning tea and  the students were’ playing at the park . After morning tea the whole students came back to Room 3 to work on the earthquake house and we got a cardboard  boxes to make the house .

In addition the students were’ creating the house from the cardboard .  The cardboard was made into a house and we had to paint it black on the table  outside the room . We had to get some equipment to make an earthquake proof house .

P5 I had so much fun making an earthquake house with  our buddy class .

Chatter boxes

Making a chatterbox .

WALT ‘ Write a recount on making a chatterboxes.

In Room 8 the students were’ happy to make chatterboxes.
Firstly Mrs Bracey gave us a page out of a magazine and she Showed us how to make a chatterboxes .First we had to fold it into a triangle shape and after that we Had to cut off the ends of the oblong shape .
Secondly when the magazine was cut we had to fold the sides on the magazine .And the back of the magazine.
In addition Mrs Bracey fold the middle of the magazine the Whole class copied Mrs Bracey to make a chatterboxes and When I put my fingers my chatterboxes opened and closed and I played .
Lastly when the Magazine was not magazine it was a chatterboxes so a chatterboxes is a talking box and it can be used for lollies and I had so much fun with my chatterboxes.