Friday, August 17, 2018

The moon orbite the earth

Iron spot

   I learnt to run how in Iron spot it fun to go in iron spot

Waku Tapu by Jeff Evans

I listened and read this article                   

In a nutshell I learnt

It about the waku on the sea

It place on the waku in the sea

   Did it happen on the waku 

Because  the people on the waku is save

The people on the waku are save

              On the waku


sun key

                                The sun ?

How is the sun  a ball of gas ?

So the sun is a ball of gas it will be a star ?

When the sun is a giant star it will be a big giant star for 

The sun give the earth day because the sun is a star ?

But the sun is a giant star when the sun is a star it will be a giant sun ?

Where is the sun the sun is in the solar system ?

But the sun is a star when the sun is a star but it is a star in the solar system ?

Why is the sun is a star because the sun is the star for the
solar system ?

So why do the sun give us day ?

 But when the sun give day the people will go outside to the beach ? but the sun give the earth day but in the beach the sun is at the beach .

So when the sun is a star ti will be a star it will be day ?
So the sun is a the star but the sun orbit the planet in the  solar system .

When the sun is the star it will giant  sun for the earth to get day ? but the sun is a star for the planet .

But the sun is day but the sun is a star in the solar system ?
If the sun an the earth are  together to make day.
If the sun is the star the star is the sun so the sun is day for the earth ?
The earth is a planet from the people but the sun make day for the earth .

But the sun is day from the sun but the sun is the star ?
Why is the sun day because the sun is the star in the solar system .


Making ten

WALT ' making number making ten .
0+ 10 =10
1+9  =10
2+8  =10
3+ 7 =10
4+  =10
5+  6=10

0+10  =10
9+  =10
8+  =10
7+  =10
6+   =10
5+   =10

prediction key

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Firstly Room 8 went to boxing and so pax told us the combos  in boxing
And so pax had to do the combos .
And so I did rock, jab ,cross at boxing and so we did for 30 min .
So after 30 min we did the combos .

And at boxing we were Finished boxing an so
We had mlik in class .
and I learned how to do the jab .

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thought cloud

Thought cloud .

WALT' center my text .

we center it with google drawing and we size the front
and we do the Thought cloud .


Firstly in flip Annabelle Richard came to Room8 to talk about flip .
So in flip Annabelle Rrichard was telling us about maths and Lending to other people .
And so after talking about lending to other .
So annabelle came over to the table to talk about Identity so identity is about
Your passport that is your identity .

and the pwc is price water cooper .
Annabelle and Richard  came back to room8 to talk about identity theft .Identity theft is when a person takes your identity and it could be from your driver's licence.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

gas trap

Firstly In Room 8 we
learn how to
make a cloud.
But to make a cloud you have to hot water in the cup .
So the hot water go into the cup an you have to put the gas trap on it.

when you take off the gas trap you well
See the cloud coming up out of the cup .
An so room 8 was writing about the gas trap cloud .
If the cloud is a animal or a car that is a cloud .

Room 8 made a gas trap on a paper an so .
Ms bracey look at making a cloud .

Friday, July 6, 2018

a-z key in the solar system

 complete and a-z lisiting of all the key topic vocbulary to do
with Earth and beyond
Blue planets
Dark Whole

Solar system questions
Solar system
Yellow,orange and red sun
Zero gravity

solar system a-z

reverse key

When the earth have no gravity the earth is a planet for the
people to live in
But the earth is a blue planet in the solar system
So the earth can get same gravity from space for earth to get gravity
 of the oxygen is in the planet earth because planet earth have some oxygen
In space in the solar system there are no oxygen in space
Where in the solar system that have some oxygen in one of the planet planet earth have lots of oxygen
Why in space there have no oxygen in space
When the earth have gravity the earth will be in space
In planet earth it have food water Shelter in planet earth
What if the planet earth have helium
But the earth have on gravity the earth will be going out in space
But the gravity is to big  to wake in earth
When the earth have no the people can wake in earth

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

when the earth get day an night

Firstly the earth and the sun has given us day and night.When the sun has face away from the earth it is night. That is why earth has the rotation for day & night.

Next the earth is a spinning top so the earth
Was tilted on it axis a around the sun
So the earth orbit around the sun so that mean
Day & night of the sun ,moon make day night .
So the moon make night so the sun make day if
The moon or the sun make the earth day night for the people to get day night .

In fact the earth an the sun make day so the moon an the earth to get night so ti make day an night .

In addition the moon an the sun an the moon
Is day ,night .
So if the moon make night an the stars come out of space an come in the earth to make night if the sun day an the sky came out of the sun oxygen
To make day .

Lastly the day so the  night are from the moon an the sun  to make in an night for planet earth .
For the earth to make day so the  night is from the moon so the day is from the sun so that how you make day an night the earth is a great planet

To live in .

Monday, June 18, 2018

waking water

Firstly last  week room 8 did  science about the walking water.
When the walking water is science

Firstly Mrs bracey put us in to buddys so we had to look at the
Walking water and we had to work out the walking water. For the science of walking water is science .

Secondly we had work out the
Question so blue & yellow make
Green and so  yellow & red make orange.
The primary colours were blue yellow red
There were 7 cups

When the walking water is science
That mine science is a cool way to
Do in the classroom of to do at school .

In fact the science experiment
Of the walking water of the science
Experiment from the walking water
Of the walking water for the science.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The solar system art

I was given a little piece of the solar system.
I had to colour it onto a larger piece of plain paper .

The sun is a star

Did you know the sun is like a star and a hydrogen bomb?
In fact the sun is a ball of gas.
There are invisible lines of magnetic fields.These are the north and south poles.
The sun is like a giant magnetic flare !

Monday, May 21, 2018

volly ball

Last week Monday Room 8 went to volleyball .
And at volleyball it was wild wind in the top court.
And so at the top court we had lot of fun.
Room 8 learnt how to  practise serving over the net . How to a position ourselves.
The volleyball was bouncy sqishy 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Nitika - DMIC.

Last week Room 8 was working on DMIC .On this problem solving sheet it was about time .  
 There were lots of words we had to work out the maths.
My challenge was presenting to the class .

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Being in a globe

WALT: Repeat writing an explanation. Focus on sentence control. Continue to use a comma for punctuation.

Secondly in the planetarium there are lots of comfortable chairs you can lie back in.
Its like you are in a globe! Also there is a 3d movie robot,constellations and  planet  at night.

My new challenge is to put an exclamation mark in my writing.

Nitika stardome-corridor .

Firstly in stardome in the corridor there are facts about the solar system. Some of the facts are the moon,sun, comet,and star.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dunkirk Park


Dunkirk is a place that people had war .
Al Deere came from NZ and he is a hero and fought even with a bandage on his` head.
He shot down six planes.
The German planes were dropping bombs.
200,000 soldiers were waiting to be evacuated.
The rescue boat tried to save the soldiers.
The rescue boat was a Red Cross boat.
Germans dropped bombs on them.
And the bombs were off the German planes

My sgraffito

My sgraffito of Mokoia Pa.
That is a  Maori Pa.
The first Panmure Bridge was a  swinging bridge.
 Boats can go under the bridge.
The cars had to wait so they could go over the bridge.
There is a new bridge now. 
My sgraffito was a Rainbow and we have to colour with a black pasttle so we 
had to sketch out the Mokoia Pa.

now one idea only in each sentence